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"I am delighted to be a voice on Andy's website making a strong recommendation for him as a top "go to" therapist in the city. Andy's blend of strength, intelligence, humor, spirituality, and strong male wisdom make him a person I turn to frequently.

Andy's way of articulating situations and being patient, make him safe for the deepest work. He's not afraid to say what he doesn't know and claim what he does. His grasp of Imago Relationship Therapy and Male Survivor-ship are a combination of great power.

It's not often a man receives as much confidence from his peers as Andy Dishman does. Come see him! You will be glad you did."

Wendy Palmer-Patterson - P2 Partnerships, Inc.

"Andy Dishman is a gifted, well trained, knowledgeable therapist. When I am looking for someone to refer a couple or individual, Andy is one of the first therapists that come to mind. I know there are few better at caring for someone as they find their own wisdom on the journey to healing and hope. I am glad to call him a colleague and friend."

Rev. Ken Cross, M.Div. LMFT. Director of Atlanta/Mareitta Counseling Services.

“I have known Andy Dishman for years. He is someone to whom I refer in confidence, as he is an exceptionally competent, ethical, intelligent, compassionate, insightful and skilled therapist. Andy is warm, safe, and approachable. His life experience combine beautifully with his knowledge and professional training to engender the confidence of his colleagues."

Jeannie Ingram, LPC.

“Andy is a wise, engaging, thoughtful therapist who cares deeply for his clients and their relational lives. As a couple's therapist, I work often with Andy and respect his expertise and dedication to the complex and rich field of relationship therapy. I think what I most enjoy about working with Andy is his ability to respect and accept clients where they are in any given moment and refrain from pushing any agenda other than the hopes and aspirations that the client have for themselves.”

Jesica Eames, LMSW/JD. Advanced Clinician, Imago Relationship Therapy.

“Having known Andy for several years and being familiar with his clinical work, I consider him to be a very skilled therapist as well as an exceptional person. His warmth, knowledge, integrity, patience, dedication, capacity for deep attunement and ability to hold a vision for hope and change contribute to his ability to create a strong therapeutic alliance with a broad range of clients. I am pleased to call him a trusted colleague and dear friend."

Cathy Marakovits, LCSW.

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