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"What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly." Carl Rogers


I believe that somewhere or sometime in life we all need a little space to figure out a few things. Friends and family can be helpful. A spouse or a partner can have good insight and reflect a lot of truth. However, these well-meaning people are not free from bias or their own agenda. 

Individual therapy is about finding space to sit with someone who can listen deeply and as objectively as possible. A trained therapist can help the client hear their own wisdom and insight, explore possible choices and new directions or develop the courage just to “be.” That’s what I enjoy doing.

I am interactive therapist. I believe insight comes from conversation. I also know that insight comes from purposeful silence and thought. So I seek out opportunities to create an environment that supports both.

Together, through conversation and silence, we will seek out the possibilities that support your goals and desired outcomes.

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